Company Profile


S & P is Solar ,Power and Technology Company.S & P an engineering consulting and developing firm,was established  as a private limited company in the Department of Energy with its specific areas of expertise in providing solar pv system and installation services with wide scope of services by very well experienced Solar Experts from USA and Nepal.

S & P also import Solar related  components,Power related components and Technology related equipments .


Solar PV system for residential, commercial and Industries is one of our expertise, where we provide following services :

  • Design, Build and maintain Solar PV systems.
  • Conduct seminars on above related field and train clients as required to meet the challenges. S & P has own safety standard and codes.
  • S & P customize system, value engineering to save money as well as save on electrical bills by generating own energy independent of grid.

Beside this S & P also offers lot other expertise in power quality, lighting, fire alarm, data etc.  S & P Consultants have highly qualified experts both from Nepal and USA with professional engineering licenses and international experiences. Here is an example in the form of block diagram of Solar PV System Diagram.

Solar PV System Diagram