Company Profile

S & P is Solar ,Power and Technology Company.S & P an engineering consulting and developing firm,was established  as a private limited company in the Department of Energy with its specific areas of expertise in providing solar pv system and installation services with wide scope of services by very well experienced Solar Experts from USA and Nepal.

S & P also import Solar related  components,Power related components and Technology related equipments .


Solar PV system for residential, commercial and Industries is one of our expertise, where we provide following services :

  • Design, Build and maintain Solar PV systems.
  • Conduct seminars on above related field and train clients as required to meet the challenges. S & P has own safety standard and codes.
  • S & P customize system, value engineering to save money as well as save on electrical bills by generating own energy independent of grid.

Beside this S & P also offers lot other expertise in power quality, lighting, fire alarm, data etc.  S & P Consultants have highly qualified experts both from Nepal and USA with professional engineering licenses and international experiences. Here is an example in the form of block diagram of Solar PV System Diagram.

Solar PV System Diagram


(Solar Power Technology)

1 Introduction

S and P, an engineering consulting was as a proprietorship before (2014) and now it is established as a private limited company from Company Registrar Office in 2017 with its specific areas of expertise in providing solar PV system and installation services with widened scope of services such as survey, design, implementation, operation, repair, maintenance, supply training and workshop, import hybrid invertors, solar panels and other assesaries. It is registered with the Department    of    Industry,    of    the    Government    of    Nepal    with    Registration    No. 158928/073/74. It is duly registered with the Tax Department and the VAT office (PAN) 604356073.

The company as a consulting firm has been supposed to be involved in the conceptualization, feasibility study, design, construction/installation and operation of sustainable and environmentally friendly solar power, wind energy, biomass energy, water mills development related works in Nepal. The company has been making its best efforts to achieve sustainable and viable projects to undertake by involving the stakeholders in all stages of the project development. Application of innovative ideas and techniques by encouraging its personnel to keep pace with the present state of art research and development works in the related fields around the world is one of the principal policies of the firm.

S & P consultants of Nepal introducing latest 5th gen hybrid inverter which can be access by wifi for energy production usage and status with complete life safety feature introducing our own codes 3 TYPES of groundings PLUS new life saving technologies from electrical pumps plus other electrical devices.

Energy Auditing, Energy management , Power quality , Reducing electrical bills , Day time off the grid of NEA night time with backup system with efficient energy management increasing life of lead acid battery with new way of safety feature for 10-15 yrs plus. We are eliminating LPG / Propane gas for cooking. You will have free PV solar for cooking. Reducing Electrical Bills with new convincing energy meter in generations side not to confuse with NEA All cooking with free energy. Our response action on your call ASAP in any case not exceeding 72 hrs for normal call for an emergency within the shortest possible time.

The company has also aimed at import of accessories, encapsulation of solar modules, development of water mills, solar pumps and extension of transmission lines required for the operation of the project activities. S And P’s comprehensive coverage of these categories include activities of project cycle; ranging from planning, formulation, commissioning to handover of projects.

The directors and technical experts in pool have broad experience in the public and private sector organizations of energy sector. The group of experts associated with the firm has ability to bring together diverse talents, technologies and management tools to deliver their services to its clients in a satisfactory manner with guaranteed quality. The firm has extensive collaborative links with national and international consulting  firms,  developers  and  agencies  which enables it to  keep  pace with up  to  date modern and latest engineering tools and techniques and management practice worldwide.

1.2 Vision and Mission of the firm

Vision: To develop S and P as Centre of Excellence in Alternative Energy Sector and to lead the way in shifting Nepal from the fossil fuel era to a future based on renewable energy.

Mission: S and P is committed to provide excellent quality consulting as well as developing services in the alternative energy sector in Nepal. It is also committed to develop the energy related infrastructure, and focused on quality, honesty, reliability and customer satisfaction for the benefit of its clients with ZERO Emission. The mission of the firm is “Commitment to proper utilization of resources, cost effective power production and sustainable management of resources”

1.3 Ethos:

  • We have a culture of respect for our customers. We are neat, clean, efficient and courteous.
  • We operate with an open-book policy of honesty. We work hard to ensure communication is good. We manage a cohesive and hassle-free process from concept to completion.
  • A good quality of installation is our overriding priority. We complete each job to a standard ourselves. If any errors arise they are for us to deal with, with no one else is to blame.
  • We continually develop a team of sales, installation and office staff who are trusted and accountable for what they do. We prove our commitment by providing training and investing in our people.
  • We give support to the community around us. We sponsor and help local events/charities, and give a percentage of our annual profits to overseas charity work.
  • We care about our own and each other’s safety. The company holds a Gold accreditation in EXOR (Health and Safety Accreditation) and its entire installation staff have comprehensive health and safety training.
  • We manage our impact on the environment. We correctly sort waste, identify socially and environmentally responsible suppliers and have created a regional centre of excellence for renewable energy, sustainability and biodiversity.
  • We invest in and adapt quickly to changes in technology, products and installation methods. We develop new services to meet and exceed customers’ expectations and deliver cutting-edge projects.

Values: S and P has set its following core values in providing consulting and developing services to its clients.

  • Responsibilities with sincerity
  • Transparency and quality
  • Professional accountability
  • Interdisciplinary approach
  • International and National capacity building
  • Networking and alliances with others

1.4 Major Areas of Expertise

The major areas of expertise in which the firm is concentrated in are listed below.

  • Alternative energy:
    • Solar,
    • Wind,
    • Bio-mass
    • Bio-fuel
    • Chemical

Message from Chairman of the Board & President :

S & P Conultant’s Vision is to develop and introduce technical revolution, specially in Solar Energy sector. S&P Consultant’s personnel has more than 100 years of  combined engineering experiences and expertise from USA and Nepal. S&P Consultant have plan to tap unlimited renewable Energy from Solar pv System.,which can be same or higher than entire Hydro Power potential , hence doubling the total power to NEA Grid. To achieve this goal, Nepal Government, Private sectors and International agencies need to give incentive to citizens of Nepal ,who want to invest and install a MIPP system..This innovation will create jobs,industry and will make less dependence on import of Power,LPG ,hence saving millions of dollars. .
As an Example: Kathmandu valley has more than 400,000 households/Industries, let us assume each household/Industries install 5KW Solar System . Total generation from the Solar System is 2000 MW, which is more than total Hydro Power Generation in Nepal.and this could be added to NEA Grid and increase the capacity of NEA .
Our innovation MIPP.
 S&P Consultant is proud to introduce Mini Power Producer  ( MIPP in short) using the latest technology Hybrid Inverter. This Inverter utilizes wifi to monitor its functions. So far most  standard Hybrid inverters are monitored manually for their operation and functions.
This Wifi controlled Inverter makes life easier for all engineers and technicians to identify the functions and operations from far away.
S&P Consultant have been in Business for several years and have designed and installed close to 40 projects in residential as well as in Industry.
To an ordinary person who does not have any idea about Solar Power, Here are the few facts which need to be understood, before thinking of owning a Solar System for residents or for Industry.
1. Solar Power is generated from Sun Energy, which is freely available.
2. The Solar Power System is independent of NEA Power.
3. Solar Power generated from the Solar System will help NEA Grid, from overloading and if 25-30% of all households in Kathmandu  use Solar Power systems.  NEA..may not need to buy power from India paying Millions of Dollars every day.
.4 Solar Power means GO GREEN and is very good for the environment as well as health.
5. The Solar Power System is very economical and the system lasts 25 years with minimum maintenance.
6. Solar Power System’s cost will be paid off in 6-7 years by saving the Electricity bill and LPG gas Bill every month. The remaining 18 years of savinghe from the life of the Solar System will be a very big saving .
7. Solar Power can be used for all cooking and  other  activities which need power. No need for LPG gas ,just use Induction Plate. There is no danger of LPG gas accidents and no LPG gas smell, which is very bad for health.
8. Use of Solar Power in the country by all is a WIN WIN Situation to Country,NEA and the citizen.
9. S&P Consultant and people like you installing a Solar system can make a huge difference in Power generation in the country
Thank you for visiting our website and looking forward to working with our system!
Clients come first give us chance to prove it as stated above !!!