Investor’s Opportunities

SP&T Consultants (P) Ltd. is growing rapidly. The Solar Power requirement of the country is colossal. The Energy Sector potential of the country Nepal is growing exponentially. Knowing the growth of the company, its high quality of product output and highly qualified and professional people behind the Company many people have expressed desire to become a part of this great Company, invest in the company, and enjoy the fruit of the results.

With this in mind we the people in the Company thought that is will be beneficial for all to open up this opportunity for people to invest in this great Company.

We are looking for the following types of Investors in our Company:

  • Small Investors
  • Middle-of-the-Road Investors
  • Large Investors & Partnership

All earnest inquiries are welcome. Those interested please contact the company’s Investment division via email investors@sptsolar.com and we shall get in touch with you.

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