3.DC -Power Surge Protector

DIN-Rail-DC-24V-48V-220V-40ka-Power-Surge-Protector          DIN-Rail-DC-24V-48V-220V-40ka-Power-Surge-Protector (1)

Product Description:
-DK-DC20 series modular DC power supply Lightning Arrestor(SPD) is designed and manufactured according to IEC61643 standard.

– It is accordance with the criterion of surge protective devices connected to low-voltage power systems-requirements and test methods.

– It is designed as module and with working indication window, temperature control circuit breaker and built-in over current protective circuit, it can automatically release to avoid fire danger when it breaks down.

–  It consists of remote alarm connector for remote monitoring.

– It is suitable for communications, TV broadcasting, computer room, automatic control, mechanical and electric control, mechanical and electrical equipment, and related DC power equipment.