Five easy steps to switch to solar Power for your home.

1FREE CONSULTATIONSPT Solar experts will come to your house to survey the site and estimate your power need. They will Calculate your power requirement and let you know the savings.
2SELECTIONYou make the choice of the power system you want installed.
3DESIGN & INSTALLATIONWe will design the system for your specific need and do the installation.
4TESTING & ACTIVATIONWe will test the system and activate it and provide you proper instructions.
5FOLLOWWe will get in touch within 2 weeks to make sure the system is working.

Get rid of the annoying load-shedding headaches:

We Guarantee our installation work/labor for one year. Exception applies.


Additional Services may be purchased from us:
  1. Scheduled maintenance
  2. Repair as required

Payment options are:

Direct Purchase:

Most of the purchases of our Solar PV system is direct purchases, which is also what S & P prefers. It saves the customer from paying extra amount for interest as per the other purchase options mentioned  below.

Bank Finance:

Bank financed system are also available with S & P. The customer arranges with their bank to finance the purchase of the system thru their known bank and arrange the payment to be made to S & P direct from the bank.

The duration of the loan is between the buyer and the bank. The financing bank will determine the customer qualifies for the loan or not.

Lease/Loan from Sahakari:

Customers may also access the required finance thru their know Sahakari in which they are a member or can get financing from any one of the, The terms for financing is strictly between the customer and the Sahakari with who he is dealing with.

S & P has not connection or say in this regard.

Here are the PV solar System we offer:

Energy Generation Chart


Total Energy Generation Chart From Solar Power During Sunny Day.

Project CodeGeneration /Day
Generation / Month
Saving Per Month
(@Rs. 15 Per Month)
Equipment that can be run as per Generation per Day
5.1 Series System10 KWh/Day300 KWh /MonthRs.4500 per month + Cost of Cooking gas Per month.For Induction ,Refrigerator ,Rice Cooker ,Pump ,Fan and Lights
5.2 Series System12 KWh/Day360 KWh /MonthRs.5400 per month + Cost of Cooking gas Per month.For Induction ,Refrigerator ,Rice Cooker ,Pump ,Fan and Lights
5.3 Series System15 KWh/Day450 KWh /MonthRs.6750 per month + Cost of Cooking gas Per month.For Induction ,Refrigerator ,Rice Cooker ,Pump ,Fan and Lights.
Also for Commercial Application
3.1 Series System7 KWh/Day210 KWh/MonthRs.Rs.3150 per month + Cost of Cooking gas Per month.For Induction ,Refrigerator and Lights


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