S & P Testimonials &. Research & Development and continuous upgrade to advance technologies :
Announcement with real data of MIPP ( Mini independent power producer) tapping free solar energy using s & p solar pv System with advance tech 80% major components imported by S & P In order to reduce cost but 20% using locally available retail items.

Major goal : reduce electrical bills & eliminate or less use LPG gas !


1. Dr Tumla MIPP 5.1 Series ..owner/ Kalimati, Kathmandu :
Total solar pv energy generated using actual data : 4269 +1728 (50% of reserved) that including 50 % discharge of BATTRIES =5997 units …above data is collected appx for 2 yrs
It’s about Rs Rs 89, 955 Total saving from gas Apox Rs 32000 = Rs 1, 21, 955
Pay back period : Apox 4 yrs for our System
Rest 20 yrs it’s free energy you are tapping means rate of return of your investment is 400%. In reality with 1-2% of margin error due to inflation and variables in cost … we would like to stay payback period 5 yrs ! It also depends on new culture of human behavior and cooking timing schedule !!!

2. Eng Amod Thapa MIPP OWNER 0f 2020:

Energy generation started from S & P 3.2 series. See generation of couple days details will be released end of the yr 2021 December !!!
a) generation started we are doing year round research & recording generation pattern in all conditions and after studying year round S & P will give you exact pattern of generation of 3.2 series pv System MIPP Vs weather and it will be public with real data , which can be used by anyone for further research or application engineering purposes.
b) we will produce at the end of total energy generation and saving eliminating LPG gas or minimizing it in Rs Value & exact pay back period anticipated pay back period about 5 yrs or less 20 yrs it will be of free energy
Considering total life only 25 yrs rate of return is 400%.

S&P Consultant’s MIPP Solar System saves lots of money to our clients and pay back period for the cost of the System is about 4-5 years with proper and timely utilization of power generated by our MIPP. After Payback period, next 20-25 years ,our clients are getting free power with no cost and minimum maintenance and service. S&P ‘s MIPP system generate power using FREE SOLAR ENERGY and helping NEA’s national power grid giving extra power. If ten thousands -Hundred thousands household start putting S&P’s MIPP it will produce sufficient power that one day Nepal may not need to buy power from INDIA . IF all household start using MIPP power for cooking instead of LPG, it will save lots of money for each household in LPG cost wich is average RS.16,000 and this also reduce or eliminate use of LPG import from INDIA.

S&P’s MIPP will provide Power RESERVE in NEA Grid, hence reduce POWER import from INDIA and save REVENUE of NEPAL Government in POWER and LPG purchase from INDIA.

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